I knew that I needed to find a place that does storage in Ajax sooner rather than later. I am subletting my apartment out in a few weeks to someone for the next year because I am being transferred for that long on my job overseas. I don’t want to give up my apartment though, because it is absolutely perfect for me. Rather than pay double the rent on that one plus the one overseas, I decided to sublet it to a friend’s cousin who needed a temporary place.

I am leaving the furniture for him, but I still had to get all of my personal belongings out of there. I have five rooms of things such as dishes, paintings, blankets, decorative items, books and so much more that I needed to get storage for. I was just glad that my buddy’s cousin wanted a furnished place so I did not have to get storage for that too. I am not making any profit off of him, as he is paying the full rent and not a penny more, so I wanted to find a storage facility that rented for a reasonable rate.

It did not take me long to find the perfect self storage facility. They are close to the apartment so I knew it would not take me long to get all of the boxes there since I only have a car to get them there. I figured I would be able to make enough trips within a few hours to get everything in, which is really saying a lot since my car is not huge. Plus, the amount they are charging is definitely worth it for me. I like knowing that everything is going to be safe and secure in the storage facility until I get back home next year!


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