The company I am employed by is going to be expanding to a new country and we need some help with production of advertisement video, and some internal videos that will be used in the expansion project. We are going to be expanding to Indonesia and we need to find a corporate video production company that we can hire to assist with the production of the materials. The main issue that we are having with making the videos that we need, is that of the language barrier that exists.

We have yet to hire many employees who are fluent in both languages, and so it is going to be a bit of problem until that issue is solved. However, even if that were not a major issue, then we would probably still require the assistance of a production company based in Indonesia just for other guidance on targeting the country’s population based on cultural norms and values. I think that is going to be a bit of challenge for our company to understand as well, but we are going to do our best to be vigilant in expanding into this new market, to help to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible.

We have already done months and months of research on the matter, assessing the feasibility, and doing cost benefit analysis. It has seemed like a good opportunity from all of our internal findings, and so we are going to work hard to ensure said benefit to the company materializes. It is a big challenge, for sure, but also a big opportunity. Anyway, we would like to hire a video production company that has a lot of experience, and in particular, has experience with working with companies that are not from Indonesia. I believe the latter type of experience will be indispensable.


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