When I needed some apartment advertising ideas, I went online to see if I could find anything that would help me. I am the manager of a six building apartment complex, and leases had been slowing down ever since a new complex started taking applicants a few months ago. I was not about to let all of our prospective dwellers go there though. Even though the other complex is brand new, we still have a lot that they don’t offer. They may have a swimming pool that is bigger, but we have a swimming pool at each building.

We also have club rooms in each of the buildings that the tenants really seem to like since they are always having some kind of events in them. Also, we do allow pets, and the new complex does not. So, there is definitely a lot going for us, so I just had to make sure that people were aware of everything that we do offer and why we are still a viable choice for their housing. When I did my search, I found a company called MultiFamily Traffic. They are in the marketing business for apartment complexes like the one that I manage, so I wanted to find out even more.

I was happy with what I saw, so I ran some of the ideas past my boss, the owner of the complex. He told me to go full steam ahead, so we hired the company to help put us back on the map. It did not take very long for them to do that either. When I did a search the other day for our complex, it made me so happy to see that we were actually the first result! That is a far cry better than where we had been before, and I am no longer worried about losing tenants.


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