I was having a rough day at work. I had caused trouble for a machine on the factory floor, and realized that I had accidentally broken the vibration switch on it. That meant that I needed to get a new one quickly because I had forgotten to order a new one to have on hand. I was busy thinking about how I could have made two mistakes, when my boss came by and mentioned that they were sending anyone whow was interested to management classes. These are the classes they want you to take so that if you apply for a managerial position, you will have a better chance of being chosen if they know that you care enough to take additional learning classes. He also said that he hoped that I would apply for a higher position. The timing was ironic, but I was very happy.

I decided to spend some time getting more organized in my life. The issue that I had with machine is because I wasn’t keeping all my duties organized like I should. And I knew that becoming a manager means that you need to care about keeping things in order and being on time with when you do things. I bought some books on learning how to manage your duties better. On top of this, I was feeling really good about the management classes that my boss had suggested that I attend. I was learning a lot and feeling stronger about actually applying for a better position.

I’m glad that someone had faith in me, because sometimes, I don’t have enough faith in myself. I now have no problems with the machines on the floor. And I do things on time. I applied for the position and got it, and I love it a lot.


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