I had a tough time finding some parts that I needed in my local city. I ended up finding a website in another country where I could buy them, but that turned out to really expensive because of the shipping cost and the extra fees that are added on. But I finally found a place to buy Canada tool parts here! I can now have them shipped directly to me at a much lower cost. This is really helpful because I’m running a small business that is growing, but I need to save money with everything that I can until I can expand the business even more. It is important that I keep everything going for as long as I can.

My mom is one of my inspirations when it comes to work, although, she’s not the only one. Mom brought me up on her own and gave up so much in life to make sure that I had what I needed. Now, she has trouble getting around and she has dementia. She’s unable to live on her own, so I built a tiny house in my backyard and she lives there. She loves it. But since she has no income of her own, I make sure to pay for all the necessities that she needs in life. She doesn’t need all that much, but I make sure she has everything covered when she needs it. She means a lot to me, so it also means a lot to me that I make enough money every month to help her out.

My wife and kids are also inspirations to me when it comes to needing to keep my company going. My wife has been one of my biggest supporters when it comes to running my own company. She takes really good care of me, and in return, I feel that it is a must that I take care of her and our kids, too.


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