I was over at a buddy’s house one night. We planned on watched a football game together, and while I was waiting, I picked up a Doran Scales manual that was on the coffee table. I thumbed through it, and quickly realized it was all Greek to me. My friend’s father used to work on them, and he made good money doing it. He always seemed like a smart guy to me. I had no idea at that moment that I thumbed through the manual that I would one day do that for a living, too. It’s kind of ironic when I look back and remember that moment now.

I really didn’t have any good goals in life when I was in high school Friends of mine were already thinking about which colleges that they would apply to during their senior year when they were juniors. By the time I had reached my own senior year, I was busy focusing on dating and wasting time not doing much of anything. I was going nowhere fast, and I had no idea what my plan in life was. My dad was getting fed up with me, and by the time that I graduated and was 18 years old, he kicked me out. This is because I stole some money from his wallet and I also crashed my mother’s car due to me drinking too much. It was not a good time for me.

Once I was out on my own, it was pretty eye-opening to see just how much money I needed to pay rent for a place. I ended up getting in touch with my old friend, who I mentioned previously. We became roommates. At some point, his dad mentioned that I should try to learn what he does and make a life for myself. I took him up on that, and after many months of training, I have a much better job and feel proud.


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