I love living in New York because I get to experience all four seasons. I have been to a lot of different states because I grew up in a military family, and none of them have had the four distinct seasons like the Big Apple. I love the snow, the fall colors, the glorious rebirth in the spring, and the intense heat of summer. However, that intense heat is only nice if you can escape to AC. When I first moved here, I did a search for air conditioner installation in Manhattan NY because the house I had bought was owned by an elderly couple who just opened their windows when they got hot.

I can handle that in the spring or fall months, but it just was not going to cut it for the summer months. I had thought about getting window units, but I honestly did not want the hassle of them. I just wanted to be able to turn the switch if I wanted air in a certain part of the house, and I did not want to have to deal with the rattling of windows or taking them down every fall because that would mean I would need to put them back in during the spring months.

I just felt it was better for me on a personal level, so I contacted Air Repair to ask them what kind of units they sell. A rep came out to my house to inspect it to make sure that they would be able to install what I wanted, and everything was just fine. They ended up putting the air conditioning system in the following week, just in time for the heat that was about to arrive. I will have them come every spring to inspect it too, because all I want to do with it is enjoy it!


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