Living in poverty is how I grew up. My parents tried to do what they could for my brother and me when we were growing up. But they had a variety of health problems that caused them to struggle. My brother and I tried to help out by working to bring in some extra money. We mowed lawns and things like that on the weekends, but it was nowhere near the help we needed to get our family ahead. I had dreams of making a lot of money one day. A man with the last name of Chagoury has been my inspiration for many years in the field of real estate investment, and I hope that I will do just as well as he has done for himself financially.

I made sure that I went to college. My parents told me over and over again that not going to college would hurt me in many ways. Mom had never attended before. My dad started and got through one year, but he dropped out in order to help his own parents. I had been thinking of skipping school myself so that I could go straight to work after high school and give my parents more financial help as soon as possible. They told me that the best thing I could do would be to get my degree and to not make the same mistake they did.

Getting through school was easy enough. It was figuring out what I wanted to do aftewrard that was hard for me. I wanted to get my business degree. It took me a year or so after graduation to finally settle on dabbling in real estate. I realized that I was really good at sales, and I finally settled into it full time. That was when I saw how well so many other people were doing at it.


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