I was really happy when my mom told me she was ready to move to a smaller house. She was still living in the one that her and my father raised six of children in, and most of us had our own bedrooms. That is how big it is! She is only downgrading to a three bedroom house, but that is going to still be a lot easier on her. She let us kids take whatever furniture we wanted, then she did an online search for GTA movers even though we all told her we would pitch in and help her move.

It was not that she did not trust us to move her household goods and furniture. She just knew that we were all busy raising our own families and having careers, and she just thought that it would be better to have a professional moving company help with the move. She did raise a good point when she said that none of us are getting any younger too! She said that the company she hired would have professional movers, and they would be able to easily lift the furniture that she was keeping because of belts and the dolly that they use.

We still helped as much as we could, because this was a huge event in all of our lives. It was our childhood home, and we were happy in one way but very nostalgic about it in another way. We did stay out of the movers way though once they came. It did not take them long at all to clear out one room at a time into the large truck. Mom had already been to the new house and cleaned everything, and she showed them exactly where she wanted everything as they unloaded it. That did not surprise any of us either!


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