When my husband and I had our first child, I told him that I hoped we would have at least a couple more. He wholeheartedly agreed. I also pointed out that I hoped that we could give them the same type of wonderful childhood that I had. He said he hoped for the same. So, when our first daughter was four, and I was pregnant with our second child, I called someone about concrete sidewalks in Nassau County because I remember spending much of my childhood having a blast outside on the sidewalks in front of our home. I wanted the same for our kids and all of their playfriends when they came to visit.

I think that childhood was a lot safer when I was growing up. My husband feels the same way about that. Even though we both lived in large, metropolitan areas, things were just different back then. Granted, we didn’t have the Internet blasting all sorts of news stories at us 24 hours per day back then like we do now, but things were more carefree and more safe back then. So, when we bought our new house, we made sure that we bought it on the outskirts of the city where things are more quiet today. We have a tree-lined lot located in a quiet area. There aren’t a lot of businesses that would be targets for crime. It’s really nice out here where we are.

We had a company come out and put in a driveway for us first. We thought that would be nice so that we can get our car in and out of the garage more easily on snow days. We don’t particularly want our kids playing in the driveway, so after it was completed, we had the same company put in some long concrete sidewalks around our property. When our kids are old enough they will be able to skateboard, roller skate and anything else they want to do all around our house.


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